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--Because It's Polite--
1. The First Rule of [ profile] wetheinvincible is that you do not talk about [ profile] wetheinvincible

2. The Second Rule is to Ignore the First Completely.

3. Follow the Application Process as described. Send your completed Application to Wait for Approval.

--The Nitty Gritty--

4. You may apply as many times as you like to the community for as many characters as you feel you can keep active. Too many good games have gone under because people took two many characters.

5. Each Player is Allowed to have 2 Mutant Characters in total. If you have Two Mutant characters, you're asked to have at least One Ordinary Human Being.

6. Yes. Your characters can die. If they get into a situation they can't get out of, chances are they'll end up in the big parkinglot in the sky. If they die, they'll go to Parkside Cemetary Automatically. Parkside Cemetary is run by the kindly old caretaker Mr. Flich (no relation to Argus Filch). If one of your mutant characters dies, the same thing happens. You can apply until you've filled your mutant quota.

--Violence. It's Signifigant--

7. Violence must be consentual and of an R-Rated Nature. Consentual Violence or sexual acts of an NC-17 nature (-I want this world to be as realistic as possible, considering that drugs are a major part of this-but c'mon). Please place under a "Not Work Safe Cut".

8. Attacking, Harassing, Harming, Threatening, Teasing, Taunting, or annoying other players is not tolerated and results in instant banning and your characters heading straight to Parkside.

9.The focus of this game should not be "Hooking up and making bebes." if you want that, please go look for a nice high school or celebrity game somewhere. This is about real character development and how people without Professor X and Wolverine leading them would deal with the idea of "I've/My close friend/loved one suddenly gained superpowers! OH NOES."


10. HAVE FUN. that's what this game is there for. I want a game that'll last and be shiny and cool. If you've joined it must mean you have a love of superheroes or TV shows like the ones that are coming out-and it must also mean that you're looking for a good OC game. hopefully, this can be it for you.

Still With Us?


Follow these Simple steps!
1. Check out the application process.
2. Create a character Journal for use in the RP process.
3. Fill out an application and send it to
4. Wait for approval!
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If you're here, you weren't thrown by the open-letter to the mods and what the mods would like to get out of this rpg. This means you're ready to apply. Congratulations! I didn't choose this. It just sort of happened. I don't understand what's happening to me-if it's natural or if its...if it's something else. )


The kind of application we're NOT looking for. )


The Kind of Application We'd LIKE to see. )


Are we clear? Fabulous! If you're not sure your character is a Mary Sue/Marty Stu and therefore unacceptable for the game, run them through the Mary Sue Limitus Test. Keep in mind that execution can make the difference between a Sue and a compelling character. Writing your character in a realistic manner can prevent your character from being perceived as a Sue even if he or she ranks high on the limitus test.

Now that you've learned the do's and don'ts of the application process, send off an email to mods.invincible @, then follow these steps:

1. Request to join [ profile] wetheinvincible, [ profile] parkside_tombs and [ profile] wetheordinary with your character's journal.

2. Wait for approval.

3. Start playing!


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