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Of course they're superheroes. They're Mods.

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Name:The Invincible Mods. [Mods for We the Invincible R
Birthdate:May 10
Location:Los Angeles., California, United States of America
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This is the Modly Community for [info]wetheinvincible and [info]wetheordinary
You're probably looking for the following:

[info]wetheinvincible -A Next Generation of Humanity RPG without a Special School.
[info]wetheordinary -That includes all the major stuff you need to know to join!
[info]parkside_tombs -Past Characters.
[info]wetheneeded - A character request community.

Things Like Rules, Updates, Hiatus Notices, Etc. Will be going here.

Interests (49):

bizarre situations, comicbooks, comics, crack, cracktastic for you, drastic situations, drugs, everyday life, evolution, exposure, government, heroes, hollywood, human biology, invincible, korea, la, la county, los angeles, los angeles california, los angeles county, manhattan, manhattan new york, music., mutation, new york, new york county, normality, ny, ny county, ocs, original character roleplay, original characters, phenomena, powers, role play games, role playing, roleplay, rpg, superheroes, the big apple, the big city, the city of angels, the lapd, the nypd, triads, unexplained, us customs, x-men
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