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In 1951, a North Korean Scientist came up with a revolutionary "pep" drug that could have revitalized the North's War Effort. Tested Soldiers reported no fatigue or feelings of weakness. Nicknamed "Invincible" the Drug's Properties were hinted at being "Limitless"

According to confidential documents, tests on prisoners of war yielded surprising results, especially after POWs had been "pushed to their physical limits"

August 14th-

They brought in an American Today. He'd apparently become seperated from his unit and blundered to our line of fire. Near death, We did all we could for him, intending a prisoner exchange.

As he was dying, I administered "Invincible" to him. Purely a test case. To my surprise, he recovered almost completely. It's intriguing-there's no scratch on him, and the boy seems to be in the better health then when he arrived...

August 16th-

Yesterday I spent the day restraining the American and issuing orders to the guards to bring me more bodies. The most extraordinary thing happened. While standing in line to be fed, he was attacked by a cowardly South Korean. The man-the boy picked him up and flung him over the tables. The young man was terrified-It took Five Men Several Hours to Restrain him.

August 20th-

We had to put Patient 23 down today. His strength was unmeasured. He broke out of whatever restrains we held him in, and it was only after a direct shot to the head that the American finally fell.

I have continued my experiments, inducing each patient to a state of near death and administering Invincible. In several cases we were unable to revive the test subjects, but those who survived their "Brush with Death" reported being healthier then they'd ever felt. We're watching for any signs of abnormalities.

August 23rd-

Two Days ago, a small girl-the daughter of one of the locale Villiagers-lit two of the guards on fire. I am convinced that she used only her mind to do so.

August 28th-

....My hand is trembling as I write this. We thought we were safe behind our lines-but the Americans have launched an attack that's left my lab exposed.

It was difficult, (almost impossible in fact) but we managed to put every Invincible subject down. The drug is not affected by age, race, or gender. Old Men and Young Girls-if they survived their near death experience-developed extraordinary abilities. I have not, and now I will not have the opportunity to analyze The drug's abilities further. The Americans are Here!-

The Diary and all other research belongings were confiscated by Marine Battalion 23-the Fighting Tigers. A search of the premises led to an accident in which four men were exposed to a mysterious "-Gray Powder" that covered their clothing.

--The Four Tigers--

The Story of the Four Tigers is one shrouded in Myth. Two of the Tigers led uneventful lives. The others:

John Chandler-
John Chandler left the Marines at the end of the Korean War visibly shaken and resolving to take up a quiet life as a writer and journalism professor at UCLA. He married his High School sweetheart and expected to live out the rest of his days teaching students about the evils that organized conflict represented.

In 1959, John was in a car accident that left his wife paralyzed and him with a major injury to his chest. Doctors worked tirelessly to revive him. Surviving, he claimed that he felt better-then he ever had.

Two weeks after his hospital stay, before he began his physical therapy-John saw his general practitioner-complaining that there was something wrong with hearing. Tests revealed that John could hear things three to four rooms away. the VA doctor reported it, and John Chandler and his family were taken into questioning by the Department of Defense.

The work of the Korean Doctor who originally discovered "Invincible" was immeaditely put to the test by the United States Government. John Chandler and his colleagues were all given extensive tests to determine the extent of their new abilities.

The Doctor's work was deemed one of the first cases of "Gene Therapy", a new science dealing with the basic building blocks of life. According to scientists, the drug reacted with the unused ten-percent of the human body, although the reasoning behind why it only worked after a life and death experience was still unexplainable.

Fast forward to Hong Kong in the Early 90s. After the POW's were released, the disciples of the Korean Doctor who originally discovered Invincible weasled their way into the medical industry, using their knowledge of Invincible to create a new drug. The Lin Pao Crime Family hired one of these "venerated" doctors, to produce a "clean and lasting High." Injected or inhaled, Invincible produced the results they were looking for. The Drug quickly spread throughout the far east, making it's way to Europe and the United States.

The effects of it began to spread. A teenager in Stockholm who was a known drug User Slit his wrists. His Girlfriend Drove him to the Hospital when he discovered that he could lift objects twice his size. A Police Officer involved in a drug-bust in England was shot twice in the chest. He survived (barely) and discovered that he could manipulate foliage.

Already dealing with multiple world crises, the Government of the United States set these "evolutions" on a sideburner while they focused on more important issues. Several have recently begun to make the connection between Invincible and the sudden insurgence of individuals with "Extraordinary Abilities" but it's only a cooincidence right? Or could there be something darker at work here?
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