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Sep. 17th, 2006 04:40 pm
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Invincible is about people.

It's about teenagers growing up, and adults passing on the torch. It's about love, friends, family, good times, bad times, and coping with a self-induced apocalypse.

It's not about the fact that some of these people have suddenly found themselves able to control fire, or lift objects with their mind. It's not about a crime family and their dysfunctional nature. It's about people, in a world like ours.

It could almost be ours. Except for a mad scientist at the heat of the Korean War. He was trying to do what he could for his family and his country. He only wanted to help, and he did it the only way he knew how-through science.

He created this drug see. He tried several names before he came up with Invincible. and it worked. It made people feel great. Soldiers could fight for longer periods of time. People were happier. Life was good.

Until a fluke made him realize what he'd done.

He'd found the X-Factor. Something in his synthesis made people different. It didn't make people different automatically. They had to die-but when they came back they were special.

People could turn themselves invisible. They could hear thoughts and read minds. The sheer power of invincible wasn't lost on world governments. At the end of the war, his samples were confiscated, his lab destroyed.

And That was that.

Until the teenage boy in Stockholm, who discovered that he could control plants.

They were at a loss to explain it. He'd tried to commit suicide, only to be found by his girlfriend. Rushed to a hospital, It was discovered that his DNA had been altered. His mind had been melded. He felt great, almost euphoric, but he could make roses grow with a thought, and help Ivy Climb his mother's trellis.

A fluke. A random evolutionary jump. Scientists continued to study the boy. They watched him carefully, keeping him a virtual labrat-

Until the homelessman in Jersey walked across the water to get to New York.

Incidents became more rapid. The CEO who stopped his employee from going crazy, claiming that he "Saw" it like a slow motion video. The High School Track Star who ran the mile in under Four Minutes. The Cartoonist who could draw in three dimensions.

What did they have in common?

Invincible. One way or another they'd all come into contact with a brand new drug "aptly titled "dragon" circulating the market. Then they'd all had some sort of misfortune. The Track Star was pushed by accident down stadium stairs. The Cartoonist had a stroke, the CEO had a heart attack.

They had looked into the face of death and come back stronger.

...The incidents are getting more and more frequent however, almost as if known users or family of users are being stalked, by unknown assailants. The toll is particularly high in Los Angeles, Home of the Pao Ryu Lo Triad, newly relocated to the United States.

Is it a fluke? Pure cooincidence? Or is something Else at Work here?
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